Monday, February 20, 2012

Why am I confused?

How many times have you asked this question to yourself?
How many times you have got stuck, while making a decision?

A confusion occurs:
* Due to lack of knowledge about the subject.
* If we have more than one choice in life and we don't know which one is best for us.
* Or a fear to loose/fail.
Believe me this third one is the biggest reason. But the most stupid of them all.

How to overcome this state?
* Talk
* Take a break
* Let it go.

How will these solve my problem?
* Most of us take our elders for granted and don't discuss our problems with them, thinking that "What do they know about our generation". And end up discussing it with our friends who have similar knowledge as we do, the only difference they make is that they give verdict with a confidence coz it doesn't effect them as it does to us. But friends believe me our elders/parents know this world better than us, they have far more experience than we think they have.
As a wise man said "They gave berth to us, not the other way round"

* Thinking over and over again about one thing makes us circle the same center. May be personal life or professional, if you are stuck and trying hard to come out of confusion, you will often find yourself thinking in same direction and getting more confused rather than coming out of it. The best solution @ this point of time is to take a break, Chill out, give your brain some air to breath. This break gives a new perspective to the whole scenario.
In my personal experience I have got exceptional ideas after this short sweet break.

* The biggest fear in our lives is of failure. But in this fear we forget that taking this failure positivly will lead us to a bigger success. But the key here is the positivity. In most cases this fear is of loosing someone we love, but why do we forget that true love is not about getting, it is about letting go, it is about the happiness of the person you love and not the other way round. In professional life it is all about a stupid ego that we have. We do small small things to satisfy this ego of ours and miss seeing the bigger picture, which would lead us to the "Top of the Game".
Browse Google for the most successful people, you will find onle one common thing in them, they are humble and don't have ego in them.

As one of my dearest friend says "Life is beautiful!", we just need to change the perspective.