Thursday, January 9, 2014

Corruption Vs Corrupt

These days I am hearing a lot about new Anti-Corruption helpline in Delhi (India). But being a "Devil's Advocate" I am thinking if this will change anything?

So here are my thoughts.
As any policy has short term and long term effects. No doubt that in short term this policy will work well.
But what about longterm?
This process clearly is focusing on punishing the people who take/ask for bribes.
What about the reason behind asking for that bribe?

I know no reason can justify a crime, but still on humanitarian grounds just think about a "Traffic Havaldar/Cop", does he get enough salary to give a good lifestyle to his family?
He is always in between cars, but can he buy one for his family from his salary?

My Point
I am not advocating any increase in salaries, as that also has never proved to be a good approach against human greed.
But what about handling it like any MNC.
I mean what if the penalty against any crime/default is increased exponentially, and a huge incentive for people catching them.

Just think it like this: A traffic cop catching a defaulter. The penalty is about 1000 INR, out of which 70% is given to him as "Good Job" incentive.

Now as a human, what would you like 700 INR of bribe (black money) or 700 INR of incentive (white money) of doing your duty.

PS: Same can be applied to different departments in different forms.

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