Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Indian Economy

Recently an Indian Minister was criticized in media, for saying "I am happy about increased living cost in India, at least the farmers are earning more now."

At first it looked odd, but it triggered a radical thinking process within me.

India is (or at-least used to be) an Agriculture based Economy (agro-economy), but with changing time we are advancing towards being a Diverse Economy.

"Can that be a reason?"
In the past, we used to focus on agriculture and global slowdown/recession never effected us.
But now with this change in economic trend (from agro to diverse), we get effected by every damn thing (same as any European countries).

"Are we creating this imbalance ourselves?"
"Are we following European countries?"
"Will reverting back, help us?"

I don't know if that Minister had realized it or not, but this can be the point for us to understand the trends in Indian economy.

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