Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Inspirations in a Marathon

Just two days ago I ran my first "Half Marathon".
During the event I kept on thinking about how some people have better focus on running than others.
What inspires them to keep running even if they are tired.

I asked same question to few runners & got some interesting ideas/facts:
* One said she counts from 1 to 100 and stops (& starts walking) only after 5 x 100 and that too for next 100 counts (not more than that).
* Other said he focuses on guy ahead of him.
* Another said he was enjoying the nature and doesn't remember what inspired him.
* Personally, I felt foot steps of the guy approaching from behind, inspired me to run faster.

Whatever may be the inspiration, while summing up my experience, I realized that in a marathon every finisher is a winner and it does not matter if you win or loose.

That is why some people call it "The Endurance Run" where we test our own endurance.

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