Tuesday, August 21, 2012


Once Again I hear people talking about "Global slow down" & "Recession".
But this time it also triggered some thoughts within me. The major one is a basic question:

"What the hell is Recession?"
As per the definition it is a general slowdown in economic activity, where income, profits and inflation falls, while bankruptcies and the unemployment rises.

BUT this also triggered another Question.

"Why the hell it happens?"
Let's try to evaluate: Won't it be right to say that, the money (as in currency) floating around is same (during or before recession). also the need to spend/buy is still the same.
"Then Why?"

"Is it like money moved from "many hands" to "one hand", which is scared of spending it and such scenario creates the sense of recession?"
"Is it like, the over hyped market is getting back to what it deserved?"

What may be the answer, I am still not convinced with the traditional answers and am planning to dig even further.

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